If you’re so free, why do you always choose
the chocolate and refuse the broccoli?
Oh, sure, but you’re not free if you can be
provoked into refuting me. 

You’re free to do whatever you think best
but not to eat in restaurants undressed,
or free to score by running third to first,
or free to think what you think best is worst.

Below is a close up of part of a painting by Wayne Thiebaud called “Three Donuts.” He isn’t unknown or unappreciated, but I think he should be better known and more highly valued. The “serious” art crowd (dressed in black) gets uneasy around painting like Thiebaud’s. His pastries and ice cream sundaes are not camp funny or sarcastic funny, just enjoyably funny. How can they take pictures like that seriously when Gretchen tells us the world is going to end tomorrow? ( I couldn’t find a painting of broccoli.)

And just to help you start you week off right, here are some of Thiebaud’s ice-cream cones.

“I like the worthy folk who will talk to you of the exercise of free will, ‘at any rate for practical purposes.’ Free is it? For practical purposes! Bosh!”—Joseph Conrad

NOTE: Aids to Reflection is on sale at Amazon in both Kindle (2.99) and Print (3.99) format. Only a few of the illustrations in this blog version are included in the Kindle and Print formats.

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