Renoir’s portriat of Monet reading a newspaper


Discover as you scan the newspaper
the murderer du jour’s
name’s the same as yours.

But he’s from Minneapolis
so it’s ridiculous to think
that there’s a link.

But you keep looking for a trace
of some resemblance in the face
above your name,

knowing in your heart,
that people dance together
far apart,

and words and deeds inweave and blend,
contend and ramify in ways that go
far beyond what we intend or know,

and that in devious and crooked ways
you’re linked
to the murderer in Minneapolis.

Jonathan Edwards thought a family is “one complex moral person.” and that for some purposes God might regard the whole of humanity as a single person. “And so some particular persons may by their actions injure, not only great part of the world that are contemporary with them, but injure and undo all future generations. So that men that live now on the earth may have an action against those that lived a thousand years ago.”

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