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Ninnyhammers on the March

Angry Ninnyhammers

The Solution

Reject confusion!
Shutdown debate,
Accept no substitution
For the simplicities of hate.

In college I learned that the school of education allowed unlimited cuts. I immediately transferred to education and stopped going to class. Instead, I drew cartoons for Showme, the campus humor magazine. When I graduated, that was all I knew how to do. Facing a financial crisis during the early years of our marriage, Mary and I started a home based ad agency. I sold our services. This was about as unlikely as seeing a dog with feathers. I‘m no salesman, but the need for money causes us to do strange things. Mary wrote the copy. I drew cartoons.

All that is ancient history, but I am still occasionally inspired to do cartoons to go with little verses. Until quite recently, none of the little verses were political, but, alas, the dolts and ninnyhammers (a word I like but have never had the occasion to use) currently dominating the news cycles have “raised my consciousness.” See above.